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  • Embroidery Coat of Arms & Crest (10" x 8")
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Embroidery Coat of Arms & Crest (10" x 8")

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Embroidery Small 10" x 8" inc mount
A beautiful hand-stitched, rich colour Coat of Arms & Crest, showcased on a black background to accentuate the rich colours - including gold and silver tone threads...

An exquisite piece of craftsmanship for proud display in the home or office. A magnificent anniversary, wedding or engagement gift. Well received for birthdays to make a loved one feel extra special.

Can be bought framed or unframed.

Heraldry arose in the 12th century around the time of the Crusades. In battle, a knight dressed in armour from head to foot would be barely recognizable by friend or enemy so a new method of identification became necessary. This resulted in special marking being painted on the knight’s shield and on the coat he wore over his armour, hence the term Coat of Arms.


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